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A drawing of a character I was thinking of during my July vacation. She is the of the group Cochise. She has a small, lean build. She is stoic, snarky and distant. She has the power of electricity and technology, using all sort of tech to assist her in battle. She has the largest collection of action figures out of the group, which is about six (they're expensive and hard to take in bulk on the road).
The world is full of all sorts of technology. There's the stuff we have now, like toasters and bluetooth kettles. Due to some people being able to control electricity and metal and having an easier understanding of how tech can work and improve, making advances in hardware, while software is mostly only a slight advancement of ours, due to hardware and software using different mechanics to work. There's robots used as cleaning, bartenders, waiters, medical supplies and with the slight advancement of software, they are closer to making human-like AI, but are still going through the kinks, so they still act rather odd.
Her design may be set to change, mostly of doing better glasses, actually add the plaid that was supposed to be on her sweatpants and make more natural bouncy curls.
London Calling
A drawing of a character I was thinking of during my July vacation. He is the "lancer" and second in command of Cochise. He has a tall, lean build. He is snarky, level-headed and patient. He has the power of light, using it and its sources, using it for burning offense and trickish defense. He is the one most likely to go out on his own (mostly for things like groceries).
The world includes a lot of groups of various types of reasons and goals. There's ones like Cochise, groups of delinquents trying to get through the world and fighting things, whether they be good or bad. There's still the government, they still exist and do government things. There's many underground groups that create hell on earth, ones trying to combat the underground groups, and All The Angels, a multinational group trying to keep the Earth from going to shit on a daily basis (someone has to keep it going upright).
The design may be suspect to change, mostly getting the hair right, including the oddly placed face curl that was supposed to look natural.
Pretty Vacant
A drawing of a character I was thinking of during my July vacation. She is the leader of a group called Cochise. She is the de facto leader of the group. She has a normalish build, one of average height and weight. She is immature, inattentive and impulsive. She has the power of darkness, using it for both attacks, trickery and a way to flee a battle if it ever goes pear-shaped. She is the one that gets hurt the most.
The world is an, odd place, if you will. A lot, and I mean a LOT of rather unusual things are inside it. Robots, powers, experiments, supernatural creatures, swarms of angsty teens... a lot of things. It is very in a beta state in my mind.
Her outfit may be set to change, most likely her hair to make it look more natural (read: not looking like play-doh lopped together) and may or may not keep the bones on the coat.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

There's a lot of things, but of little time and paper. So, to not forget of my ideas, I shall write them down, here. The universe is essentially modern day, with more tech, magic and humans living alongside non-human creatures, so I can get creative. I like getting creative. These ideas are not set in stone, they can change whenever.

Serida Sacrael - A chipper man-deity-devil-alien-thing. He is 32, lives with his father and is stuck in a straitjacket due to a bad spirit living in him (he gets better. Maybe.) He acts like a child, giddily flying from place to place, easily distracted by simple things, and has simple tastes and thoughts. He is bisexual, but very barely sexual (with the kid mind and all). He is tall (about 6' 3") and thin (112 lbs).

Movidal Sacrael - Serida's father, a more chilled-out man-deity-devil-alien-thing. He is 52, is divorced and even though he stresses heavily over his son, he still cares about him, a little bit too much (he's quite overprotective of, well, anyone he's close to). He is about the most mature, maybe second most mature, of the main cast, working in an office job, taking care of Serida and trying to keep the group from murdering each other. He is straight, short (4' 6") and thin (82 lbs).

Solat Atahtoleb - A brash, proud woman. She is a type of Stone-Creature; tall, powerful and beautiful. She is, two of these things. In fact, she is very short-for her species, anyways. Most of her kind, the Marble subsection, is usually about 50 feet. Solat, however, is only 8' 4", and her body looks it, in more ways than one (345 lbs, mostly muscle). She is currently 23, just finished college and is almost completely ignored by her family, due to her essentially being a family embarrassment.

Arlene Burks - A stoic, deadpan dragon woman. She lives with Cadibral. She's close, but not very close with her family. She is 27, a bit of a wineaholic, and a woman of very picky tastes. She is the most mature/second most mature (depends on the day and situation) of the group, working in a dead-end cashier job and making sure Cadibral doesn't scare herself to death. She is about medium height (5' 7"), medium weight (135 lbs) and lesbian, but is not a couple with Cadibral.

Cadibral Ekair - A shy, easily-scared deer woman. She lives with Arlene. She's very close to her family, constantly calling them and concerning over them. She barely goes outside the house alone, usually dragged by Arlene to somewhere. She is a book nerd, a theater nerd and more than a little interested in movie trivia. She is short (5' 2"), a bit overweight (167 lbs) and lesbian, but is not in a couple with Arlene.

Thotharn Enyachoa - The spirit living in Serida. He's heavily chained in the body, and is angry against about everything. He is the least mature of the cast, acting more of a little kid than even Serida. He is a lost spirit, being transferred and reincarnated into different bodies over at least a millennia. He has a medium-sized red jewel on his neck, either implanted from the curse or from one of his reincarnated bodies. He is tall (7' 3"), thin (79 lbs) and omnisexual (he is very aromantic, however; barely even friendly, I might add). He can take control of Serida to do various things (mostly to angrily hit things or wander off on his own), which is why Serida has a special straitjacket to prevent him to take over (the source of the possession-lock is in the neck-sleeve-thing, with a small red jewel on it, the same as on Thotharn's neck).

Well, that's the main cast. For now. No idea is finalized, and any suggestions are recommended (except for making any of the main cast couples, as I suck at romance). Hopefully I can turn these group of weirdos into an enjoyable cast!
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Hey, I'm a new person here. I like to draw art, listen to music and play video games. I am horrible with digital art, and decent (I guess) at drawing on paper and pencil. Speaking of that, how do I put those on the internet? Do I need a scanner? Where do I get one?


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